Gianni Infantino elected FIFA President

Gianni Infantino was on February 26 elected as the President of FIFA for the remainder of the current term of office (until 2019) by the Extraordinary FIFA Congress held in Zurich. He was elected as the ninth FIFA President after the second ballot with 115 of 207 total votes. read more on >>

“Switzerland is a sham democracy” (Jean Ziegler – Sociology professor and UN veteran) .

Gianni Infantino, another Swiss was elected president for FIFA that today comprises 209 national football associations. According to Jean Ziegler Switzerland is a sham democracy, the real power belongs to the banks because justice is colonized by the banking oligarchs. For example there are no professional parliaments in Switzerland, no paid members. In other countries you can not work in the parliament while raising salaries from multinational companies, which is quite possible in Switzerland. Also according to the Swiss regulatory framework almost everything is allowed in an association, they don’t need to register nor barely pay taxes. So for an organization like FIFA, with a turnover of billions, transparency is not high on the agenda.

“We will restore the image of FIFA and the respect of FIFA. And everyone in the world will applaud us” (Gianni Infantino, new FIFA President 2016).

Giasani Infantion is a career sports administrator who can cite genuine achievements as the general secretary at Uefa and whose campaign showed he is shrewdly aware of football’s political heart: self-interest. If he really is to make good on his manifesto, feed football’s barons while cleaning up the game, he has an enormous task. Read more about Giani Infantio at The Guardian >>