FIFA World Cup 2014 in retrospect – but what will we see in the future FIFA reports from Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022?

The World Cup in Brazil 2014 should have had a positive impact but put under scrutiny a lack of engagement from FIFA and corporate sponsors have left a bad taste that still remains halfway to the World Cup 2018 in Russia and probably all the way until 2022 in Qatar. In FIFA’s Sustainability Report 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil with Sepp Blatter in lead position, FIFA claim, : “the 2014 FIFA World Cup was a truly unforgettable tournament” … “many sustainability activities were carried out by FIFA and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee (LOC)“. The truth is that eight construction workers were killed in Brazil.


Foreword by the FIFA president in the Sustainability Report 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Eight construction workers were killed in Brazil which is an appalling safety record.

From the report under Objectives and achievements of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Sustainability Strategy: “The sustainability efforts were guided by principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour and respect for stakeholder interests, the rule of law, international norms of behaviour and human rights. The efforts aimed to leave a positive legacy in the host country”“FIFA and the LOC strove to ensure fair labour practices, including fair wages and benefits in a healthy and safe workplace”.

Later on in the report FIFA refuses to take any responsibility for the killed and injured workers: While FIFA and the LOC were not directly responsible for the safety of these workers, they deeply regret the incidents involving serious injury and loss of life on the stadiums’ construction sites and would like to once again express their sincere condolences to the victims’ families and friends”.

The questions is; what will we see in the future FIFA reports from Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022?

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